About Us:

Gorilla Hemp Company is an Florida based wholesale distribution company specialising in bulk D8/CBD Moon rocks,D8/CBD extracts and more. Gorilla Hemp Company also has a consumer facing retail division for online sales and in store fronts. Working with a hand selected group of farms and businesses, Gorilla Hemp Company streamlines sourcing and material acquisition by representing only the best in quality products from our sources. Our mission is to connect our customers and partners with the best quality products available. We work to understand, consult and serve the business needs of our buyers and sellers to help connect them with the products they need.

Why us:

We truly care about our consumers and stand behind providing the best products around. All of our products go through a full panel test for COAs and all COAs are on hand and available for view. We test at a DEA certified labs and make sure there is only the product that consumers want to have the cleanest and purist items available. We cut no corners when it comes to safety and guarantee safety of our products.